Nova Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat (Item may be on Back Order/Shipping Delay)

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 Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat

  • The Raised Toilet Seat Adjustable (8300) assists with getting on and off the toilet by raising the toilet seat from 2″ – 5.5″ with 5 adjustment notches. The support brackets are vinyl coated to protect the toilet porcelain. The inside splash guard extends to the toilet basin to prevent splashing. Easy to install.

Model: MBSN-8300

  • 5″ heavy duty support brackets with vinyl caps to protect porcelain
  • Full splash guard extends within toilet basin


  • Unit Weight:  3.5lbs
  • Weight Cap:  250lbs
  • Seat Height:  2.5″ – 5.5″
  • Seat Type(Plastic or Padded):  Plastic
  • Aperture Dimension:  8.5″w x 8.5″l
  • Overall Dimensions:  15″w x 15.75″h x 6″d
  • Latex Free:  Yes

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Weight 3 lbs